Enemy of Mine

**Book 1 of The Glimpse Time Travel Series, where mythical muses play naughty matchmakers**

Kidnapping mortals to different eras is such fun. Trickster muse sisters, Clio and Erato, call it a glimpse, but military historian Minerva Ferguson, Erva, is fairly certain she’s gone nuts when she wakes two hundred miles from her apartment. And two hundred years in the past to Brooklyn, 1776. In an unfamiliar manse, during the American Revolutionary War, she’s not too sure how to regain her sanity. Especially when she realizes whose mansion she’s just woken in, the one British general she studied more than anything else, Lord William Hill.

When Will hears Erva’s screams of panic, he breaks down a door to save her, even if he can’t quite remember why she’s visiting. She calms, though, the instant she sees him, as if they’ve known each other for eons. From the second he sees her dressed in a toga made from a bed sheet to later when she’s with his troops, wooing them with her musket skills, he realizes he’s smitten. But he’s a weary soldier, shrouded in grief, while she reminds him of a sun goddess. Is she too good for him? Lord, how he wants her to want him.

How could Erva not fall for a guy who accidentally quotes a Cheap Trick song? But now she has to get to the bottom of if Will is really a rake, how to stop one of the most important battles of the war, and lastly how to stop her insane crush on the general. After all, he’s going to die in less than a week.

The muses have to work fast for this glimpse. But that’s when they work best. And as explosions erupt through New York, sometimes it’s not from the artillery.


“Thank you for for being so detailed oriented without getting biring. Every word build a movie in my head. It was fantastic. I loved every single page. I never got bored with a single character. Each and everyone was perfect. I can’t wait to read the other stories of GLIMPSE. You are a fantastic writer. I kept asking myself how is this book free?! It was so great!!! Thank you again.” -Anonymous, an Barnes & Noble reviewer

I loved this story. It’s not the usual story of a macho aggressive womanizing hero…but rather of a quiet, melancholy yet interesting man who is compelled to open himself to this sparkling woman. He soon realizes..upon his “awakening”… that HE’S been the “sleeping beauty”…HE’S the damsel in distress and SHE is saving him! She pulls him back from the dead…she begins to give him hope. She brings joy and peace when he had none. She brought color back into his colorless life. She’d given him a reason to want to continue living.

I loved the historical aspects of this story…the war tactics and strategy. The historical details devoted to muskets and rifles. Both Will and Lady Erva are damaged souls in desperate need of healing…..both are fearful of allowing themselves to trust their hearts to love again….yet Erva is desperate and starving for the comfort and warmth she finds in the arms of Will. She becomes the soft to his hard- – the sunshine to his dark. She’s innocence to his roughness. And he quickly succumbs to her…he becomes lost without her. She becomes his reason to plan a tomorrow. This story began with a 5★ studded BANG and carried that echoing crescendo to its final line.” -Tbascobuzz, an Amazon reviewer

“A unique spin on the time travel romance genre, Enemy of Mine takes readers by surprise and will keep them glued to the page. Personally, I enjoyed the attention to detail in which the author uses proper dialect, vivid descriptions of the setting and characters, and how well-developed the characters were. I can’t wait to read book two.” -Anonymous, a Barnes & Noble reviewer