Duchess of Mine

**Book 4 of The Glimpse Time Travel Series, where mythical muses play naughty matchmakers**

Seventeenth century Highlander Michael Cameron should have been prepared for his journey to Philadelphia in 1895. After all, it wasn’t the first time he’d been kidnapped by two mischievous muses, who delighted in taking him by surprise and shuffling him off to far-flung lands and eras. But nothing could have readied him for angelic Gabriella Murray, the Duchess of Northampton. She’s a beautiful, lovely, gorgeous—did he mention just how bonny Gabby is?—duchess, and he’s a lowly Scot. How is he going to solve the missing children case the muses have given him with such a distracting woman?

Becoming friends with a muse, Gabby feels her life has taken a turn for the fantastic, which suits her fine, since being a duchess is gray and depressing. So, when that muse asks her to go on an adventure imitating her idol, Sherlock Holmes, of course she says yes. However, Michael, who is to play her Dr. Watson, is quite possibly the most handsome and intriguing Highlander she’s ever encountered. Lord, Sherlock never had to contend with an overwhelming desire for Watson. How can she concentrate on the case when he’s more fun than she’s ever had before?

As Michael and Gabby hunt through the mean streets of cities such as Chicago and Detroit, they dive deeper into a world of danger and violence. Fighting against their growing attraction to each other, they race against time to find the children, knowing that with every corner they turn, they might be too late.


“Another wonderful book in the Glimpse Time Travel series! I really enjoy the way the author is taking us to all different times and places. The muses are amusing, as always. Michael is a wounded hero, which I love, and Gabby has some serious wounds as well. The tension between these two had me turning pages until they finally kissed. Sigh worthy for sure! The author has a marvelous way of making the characters conscious of the smallest details about each other. Can’t wait for the next one in this series!” -L, an Amazon reviewer

“This book was a little different than the other three in the series. The characters in this were different and interesting. As for the story it was like a mystery and a lot of searching for answers by the characters. Some light to intense violence settings, sad at points but then on the other hand you have the laughs and love sentiments in this story. I love R.L. Jameson books, she is such a good writer.” – Pixie 7927, an Amazon Reviewer

“If you want likable characters with a heap of ‘real’ issues to deal with, then this is the book for you. Both the hero and heroine are endearing people with the kind of hang-ups any of us could have. Gabby has been ignored and unloved all her life, even though she was a noble. Michael has grown up with the dumb blonde syndrome. Which I actually love as a reversal of gender roles. His dad always said he was dumb and bonny, and he accepted that. So as the story progresses we see a lot of both characters operating out of their preconceived ideas about themselves. Michael believes Gabby couldn’t love him because he’s a dumb nobody. Gabby thinks this gorgeous time traveller can’t possibly love an unlovable invisible person like her. And worse, if she told him she loved him, he’d disappear as everyone she ever said those words to, did.” -Read4Fun, an Amazon reviewer