Bad Medicine

**Book 1 of the Wild Love Series**

When you make a deal with the devil…
Don’t complain about the heat.
Luckily, I like it hot.

Nurse Ian Ryder, or just Ryder, is everything I want. He’s big. He’s tough. He’s oh-so-sexy with his leather jacket and motorcycle that I’ve had indecent fantasies about. And even better, he seems emotionally closed off. Not the kind of man who would ask a lot of personal questions. The perfect candidate to reveal my secret—I’m still a virgin, worried I’ll die this way if I don’t do something about it soon. Somehow, I’m going to convince Ryder to play doctor with me.

Dr. Asha Whitetail is completely out of my league. Intelligent and sophisticated. And those glasses she wears makes me think about steaming up her scrubs. When an awkward moment turns into a hot kiss, I realize I’m going to do everything I can to have her—not just her body but her heart too. Problem is, she seems to want only one thing from me. So I’m going to make her an offer she can’t refuse. I’ll give her what she wants, if she spends time with me, gets to know me, the real me, while I do everything in my power to convince her she can play doctor with me…for life.

The Wild Love Series is set in Wyoming and Montana, where things are little more…wild, where love can never tamed. Each book within the series can be read as a standalone. Join Chanticleer Winner, Red L. Jameson, for a sizzling good time, a laugh, maybe even a cry, and to fall in love!


“As always, author Red L. Jameson has created exciting characters readers can’t help but cheer for (such a dynamite twist of having our hero as a nurse, and our heroine is the doctor). Ian is a “hot and hunky” although complex hero; Asha , a clever and cultivated heroine. While Ian and Asha struggle to admit that their feelings for each other are emotional as well as physical, readers find themselves enjoying the characters’ wild ride and amusing repartee. Fans of ultra-sexy romance reads will want to add Bad Medicine to their reading list.” -Maggie, an Amazon reviewer

“For me, this story started off as a good book. As I kept turning the pages, I became more engrossed in the story. The ending had me in tears, both sad and happy, probably for the last 20 pages. Asha Whitetail and Ian Ryder were two people who believed they were broken because of their pasts. A strong connection between them led to honesty, love, and self-healing. The vulnerability of this couple made my heart hurt, and it was a very satisfying ending. This is a very steamy story, and I highly recommend this story.” -Christine, an Amazon reviewer

“I loved it! That was so well done, showing how the heroine conquered her fears and misconceptions (trigger warning for rape in the heroine’s past). Loved how the hero gradually realized he was worthy of the heroine’s love. One of my favorite reads this year.” -Khenta, a Smashwords reviewer