One, two, Secrets accrue; Three, four, Shame galore;
Five, six, Add two men to the mix; Seven, eight, My life’s about to disintegrate…

Off-limits. Forbidden.
I shouldn’t have slept with him.
Should never have fallen for him.
But I did—Secret #1

And I’m drawn to someone else.
He wants me too. This time, I do have an ounce of willpower.
An ounce.
But it’s waning, deteriorating quickly—Secret #2

Two secrets—secrets that are tearing me apart.
And Secret #3 is the hardest to keep.
I’m not the “good girl.”
I’m not the “sweet one.”
I hide behind a mask—a mask of lies.

But something within me is clawing the mask off.
Revealing the real me.
And my secrets.


“The heroine, Moira Landing, truly begins a journey that changes her life. She has some amazing self-discovery moments and learns that being strong doesn’t always mean stay secluded in her own world – sometimes you can lean on someone else and the world won’t end. This is a well-written book, has a story that will, at times, make you smile, make you giggle, make you rip snortin’ furious, and has such a touching love story that you will feel it in your heart. It’s sexy, it’s hawt (the heroes are…whew!) but I never lost interest or felt like I had to skip a paragraph or page. I’ve loved the series, so far, but this story was amazing. All the characters are real – the heroes are flawed; the kids aren’t perfect; the best friends aren’t perfect either – so much like life that it makes the story ‘real’. I highly recommend this book!” -gds, an Amazon reviewer

“Loved it! This is the 3rd book in Ms. Jameson’s Wild Love series, set in Wyoming and I devoured it! Moira is a divorced mom who is coming to terms with her life just as she meets the two sons of a friend. I loved how Moira has decided to release her numbness and be AWAKE for herself and her kids. As if to reward her, fate sends her Joe and Shane. The sexual tension sizzles. The raw honesty of the writing is surprising and resonates deeply. This is a thoughtful, sexy story that was a treasure to read from beginning to end! Can’t wait for the next one in this delightful series.” -L, an Amazon reviewer

“Moira has been divorced for about two years with two small children. Moira husband was cheating on her and it was well known. Now divorce her only friend is a older neighbor who also is divorced. Moira met her friend son Shane who is a professor but to her he seem to think she is a ‘country hick’ but she is still fighting an attraction to him. Then on one of her friend invites her over for a party to celebrate her youngest son Joseph who is coming home after being in the military. When Moira meets Joe she is quickly attracted to him and it would seem him to her. They party doesn’t go well and the host gets into a fight with her ex husband. Moira goes to leave and Joe walks her home…and doesn’t leave. Moira is torn because Joe is younger than her and she is also attracted to his brother.
This book was a good fantasy book. It was nice to see Moira get her self esteem back and find out who she really is also.” -Sissy, an Amazon reviewer