Cowboy of Mine

*Book 3 in the Glimpse Time Travel Series, where mythical muses play naughty matchmakers**

The matchmaking, time-traveling muses have a huge problem. An angry Norse god has just captured one of their mortals, refusing to tell them where he took Jacob Cameron, let alone when.

As a seventeenth-century Highlander, being shuttled through time by a man calling himself Odin, might have been enough to crack Jake Cameron’s sanity. He’s kept his mind only through grit, gumption, and the single goal to somehow return to 1653 and his brothers. Landing in the freezing wilds of Montana in 1887, becoming the sheriff for a small mining community, Jake now needs to make a plan to travel back in time. However, when a wee fae-like woman walks into his life all his best-laid intentions becomes hazy.

As a thief and liar, Meredith Peabody knows she has no chance with the new sheriff in town. Although, he melts her frozen heart with his protection and smoldering looks. Even if she did have a chance with him, how could she ever relate she’s not from this time? She might never get the chance because as soon as she realizes her winter’s wish—for Jake to stay close—the criminal he’s hunting turns the tables on him. But there’s no way in h-e-double hockey sticks Meredith will let that happen.

The muses have their work cut out for this glimpse—chasing after a god, trying to find clues where and when their humans could be, and fitting in time for dress shopping has been murder. Gods, hopefully not literally!


“I really enjoyed the tale of Jake and Meredith. I could relate to Meredith’s struggles to forgive herself and it was refreshing to see that very human side of her. That being said, I loved that Erva wouldn’t put up with Meredith’s issues so that she didn’t seem like a woe is me person all the time. A great story. Can’t wait for the next.” -aurora, an Amazon reviewer

“Jake is one of my favourite type of character – HONEST. He’s also handsome, rugged, and apparently sexy as all hell if I believe all the ladies in the book 😉 but honest is what really drew me to him. Jake is also believably human, as were all the characters portrayed in this book. Nothing stretched my credibility, and so I was comfortable with what I was reading. Best of all, was the beautiful romance that developed between Jake and Meredith – of who incidentally, neither were born in the 1800’s. They had both been dropped from their own times into this era to hopefully find true love, but also to find peace within themselves. True Happiness, I think I would call it.” – tuesday63, an Amazon Reviewer

“Just the prologue alone was worth the price of this book…bringing all the former characters of Books 1 & 2  Enemy of Mine (The Glimpse Time Travel Book 1)   Highlander of Mine (The Glimpse Time Travel Book 2)  into play… and bringing the reader up to speed with their lives as well as how well the time travelers Will (18th century) & Duncan (17 century) were adapting to the 21st century. I loved it! This is the third installment of this GLIMPSE TIME TRAVEL series and in all three books, the author makes the characters strong, warm and endearing. And because of those quality characteristics, the reader can easily gravitate to the H/h; and in little time is completely invested in their plight. The delicious sexual tension between Jake and Meredith, combined with the drama and danger is conveyed with perfect timed precision. Jake and Merediths’ roaring attraction quickly becomes an inferno as they slowly learn and know each other. They both have many wounds and trauma to work through while coming to terms with the reality of their lives in Montana.” -Tbascoebuzz, an Amazon reviewer