The Sacrifice

It was an accident, looking at my husband’s phone when he had a text. Just a split second of time, and all my worst fears were confirmed. My life, my marriage, my husband—is it all a lie?

When I stumble into a circus-act of people—all juggling their own broken hearts, tightrope walking their own bitter ironies—I face the hardest question of all: Who am I? Everyone sacrifices for their loved ones. Everyone gives up their dreams…right?

As my husband rescues me from an act gone bad, I can’t help but wonder what he’s given up and if our sacrifices made our love or broke it.


“An insecure wife who begins to doubt her husbands love for her when she accidentally intercepts a text. This was an amazing look at how marriage can often become humdrum…how both partners are hesitant to delve into their fantasies for fear of.trespassing into areas unwanted by the other. Crossing boundaries. Maybe ashamed of what the other might think of them should they want to try something new, different or a bit aggressive. So you go on your way, going through life starving your craving, in your safe, vanilla marriage, Swallowing what you consider your freakish desires & keeping them hidden. Settling for mediocre, because you adore your spouse enough to make that sacrifice. But it’s more. It’s how women sometimes lose themselves with everyday life’s responsibilities….the kids, house, PTA …kids sports and music lessons…or careers. And we lose our voice, our opinions & thoughts. They become consumed and overrun and lost until we are no longer the person we used to be. Amazing story and superbly conveyed.” -TBascoBuzz, an Amazon reviewer

“This is one of those stories that makes you stop and think. What would happen if… This story is an emotional roller coaster. After eleven years of marriage and twin boys, Mabel chances on a text that makes her question her marriage and herself. The insights into her and Harrison’s relationship are sexy and heartfelt. It was fascinating to follow along on their journey as they reach for a deeper insight as to who the other person truly is.” -L, an Amazon reviewer

“Wow. A short, emotional, loving book. The love that Mabel and Harrison have for each other just jumps off the pages. I hate spoilers so I’m not going to tell you any details about the book. If you want to read a true love story then this is the book for you. I love how it delves in to Mabel’s mind and feelings. I wish we would have gotten more of Harrison’s thoughts. Incredible book.” -Cindy, an Amazon reviewer