The Bones of War

It began with the ripple of rebellion, but ended in eternal change.

Cannonade erupts as the Battle of Bunker’s Hill commences, where Violet Adams is disguised as a soldier. She’s joined the sieging militia, surrounding Boston and the British redcoats, to run from her grief and from her affections toward the dark French spy, Jacque Beaumont—the ripple in her life that gave her an undying heart. To flee is the only choice she could think of, soldiering the only act that seems to bring her any comfort.

Then again, mayhap it isn’t the soldiering that gives her comfort, but more one of the soldiers. While trekking north to invade Canada with other Continentals, Violet finds herself drawn to a man who turns out to be more than just a friend—another immortal. From 1775 to 1776, through all the battles, Violet finds her mourning heart healing, only to discover it’s done the most inexplicable! It’s set its sights on another.

Like Violet’s phoenix-like heart, America’s War for Independence burns to ashes before the Battle of Trenton, where Violet spies for her Patriots and must choose between old flames or the revolution that never dies—love.


“The saga of Violet Adams, the Immortal American, continues in the second in the series, The Bones of War. This beautifully crafted story follows the character’s journey through the challenges of not only living, but participating, in the American Revolution. Plagued by grief and trying to evade Jacque, the man who gave her immortality, Violet disguises herself as a young man and becomes a soldier. There she makes friends, but they believe her to be a man which makes for some interesting scenes. The hardships the soldiers faced have never felt so real to me. Violet’s grief for her loved ones touched my heart. Her longing for Mac as the story progresses is so strong, it leaves you aching. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and look forward to the next one in this series!” -L, an Amazon reviewer

“I loved this book! I read the first and was totally happy to find this one. It reminds me of The Outlander series and is no less wonderful. I applaud this author and am so happy to have stumbled onto this series. I hope No. 3 is coming soon. ” -Annie, an Amazon reviewer

“this was the first time I ever felt the need to find an author and comment on how great a book was. I’m trying to read everything of hers that I can find, & I would most certainly recommend it to anyone that has time to read a few books!” -Max, an Amazon reviewer