The Immortal American

In the midst of the Battle of Concord, Violet Buccleuch wakes to look down at the gaping hole through her heart.

Two months earlier in February 1775, she lives the life of a normal colonial woman. Though normal is a stretch of the word, since she wears breeches and farms to provide for her sister and mother. However, she knows well of expectations for her to settle down and marry. Her sights are set to wed her childhood friend, Mathew Adams. But fate and a French spy, Jacque Beaumont, falter her best intentions.

Her heart is pulled in two directions as one man offers what she desires; the other saves her after violence and grief rip Violet’s life apart. Then the battle that erupts the American Revolution rages in her front yard, forcing Violet, with a rifle in her hand, to choose her own fate. But destiny deals her another blow. After she sips what appears to be innocuous water, she finds herself impervious to . . . death. Now immortal, Violet rushes to lend her sniper’s eye for the battle, which she hopes will save the man she vows to love.


“The year is 1775 and Violet Buccleuch is not your average woman. She’s feisty, tough, and can shoot a gun just as well, if not better, than a man. She has also been very well educated by her father which was very unusual for a woman at this time in history when marriage was really all women had to envision for their future. Violet works hard on the family farm to make a life for herself, her sister, and her mother especially since her father’s death. One of the reasons she has finally agreed to marry her longtime fiance Matthew is to secure a stable future for them. The two have known each other since they were young children and Matthew has loved her for as long as he can remember. Violet loves him but fears that it’s not quite in the same way. Yet she knows that she will have a good and happy life with him so why can’t she just commit to a date and marry him? With the protests raging in Boston and Matthew involved in it all he brings into their lives a man he met and considers a friend. This man is Jacque Beaumont. Jacque is a spy who has come to help in any way he can. Violet is immediately taken with this dark, dangerous, and handsome man. When Matthew leaves her with Jacque they also learn that they have a lot in common like books and discussing all matters of subjects. It isn’t long before they are spending a lot of time with each other and both are harboring deep feelings that can never be realized without hurting Matthew. When tragedy strikes for Violet she realizes just how much she does love Matthew but it seems that Jacque cannot let go of his love for her. As Violet learns more about the dark and murky past of Jacque and is pulled further and further into his world she begins to wonder if she’ll ever find her way out. This was a good read for me and I really liked Violet so I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. If you enjoy a little bit of history with a hint of mystery and a strong heroine then this is a book you may want to try!” -Darlene, an Amazon reviewer

“The debut novel by this author is a thoroughly entertaining read. The Immortal American is a cleverly written story with a complicated love triangle set against the backdrop of the American Revolution. I found myself turning pages as quickly as possible, desperate to find out what would happen next. The characters have layers of emotional depth that make you feel as though you’re sitting across the table from them. The heroine, Violet, is well educated and clever, making her choice between the two men in her life all the more complicated. I am anxious to read the next story in this series. I highly recommend this book!” -L, an Amazon reviewer

This book was a new take on immortals and the writing is well done. I really loved the author’s writing style. Her descriptions were beautiful and vivid. I loved this story and the characters. I felt a connection to all three of the main characters. This book makes me laugh, smile, sigh, and cry. I immediately bought the sequel and conclusion to this story and I am looking forward to reading it.” -Lacy, an Amazon reviewer