Bad Neighbors

**Book 2 of the Wild Love Series**

It started with a broken condom. Sounds like a nightmare, but I would never take it back. Now, I have my insanely high IQ son. Oh, but I’ve learned a lot since getting pregnant then dumped at nineteen. For the past seven years, I’ve become an architect, building walls around my heart. Behind a computer screen, I hide, writing my risqué blog, discussing the perils of love and sex, while controlling every aspect of my boudoir. I like having the upper hand, especially when I tie men up. Nothing and no one, not even my idiotic crush on my neighbor, will ever break me from maintaining this distance.

One accident. Just a split second in time when my body bent beyond physical limits, and now I’m a has-been with a cane. No more million-dollar contracts, no more speeding down the rink with a puck on my stick, no more groupies fawning over me. Nothing. I am nothing. But I’m not inhumane, which is why I rush over to my neighbor’s to help when I see her fall and break her ankle. I’ve never wanted anything in my life. Everything’s been handed to me on a silver platter. But I want Zoe. And I think she wants me. Problem is she won’t let me in. I have to find a way to tear down the walls surrounding her heart.

The Wild Love Series is set in Wyoming and Montana, where things are little more…wild, where love can never tamed. Each book within the series can be read as a standalone. Join Chanticleer Winner, Red L. Jameson, for a sizzling good time, a laugh, maybe even a cry, and to fall in love!


“Not sure why the “bad” is in the title of this book because all I read was “oh so very good” neighbors! Leif is six foot five, 250 pounds of solid muscle, who has a hockey career ending injury so he walks with a cane. Zoe is his neighbor, a single mom of the most adorable 7-year-old named Neil. Their story is all about getting to know each other, breaking down barriers, and learning to trust and to love. Neil is whip smart and Leif and Neil form a bond and a friendship that will melt your heart. Leif and Zoe take a bit longer to break down each other’s walls (around their hearts) but eventually, they get there. I’m not going to recap the story for you – know that it really moves along, is heartwarming, at times heart breaking, and yes, sometimes I just wanted to sit these two down and say, “TALK to each other!!” but they are always endearing. I thoroughly enjoyed these two – okay, three! – and both Zoe’s and Leif’s families, and highly recommend this story. It is also hawt, just like I’ve come to expect in a Red L. Jameson story.” -gdsnv, a Barnes & Noble reviewer

“Both Zoe and Lief have been badly scarred by events in their past. Neither one has a lot of self-confidence left and trust is a very rare commodity. I reached the end of the book and I’m suffering badly from a story hang-over. I’m completely emotionally drained. I feel like I lived every up and down, every twist and turn, with them. And when their relationship was rockiest, it hurt my heart to watch them struggle so hard for their happiness. I loved watching Zoe learn that she could be safe out from behind the walls guarding her heart, and seeing Lief develop into a man his whole family could be proud of made me proud too. I think this little family has a long and happy life ahead of them.” -Kristen, an Amazon reviewer

“Another fantastic romance from Ms. Jameson! Her writing, emotional tugs, and sexy angst steps up a notch with every book. Zoe and Leif each have reasons for pushing others away, but those boundaries are shoved aside in the space of one night. The neighbors are forced to lean on each other and sparks fly! Zoe is adorable, and I loved her son. Leif is the perfect guy. The way he cares for both of them tugs at your heart. This has been a fun series to read – can’t wait for the next! Please write faster, Ms. Jameson!” -L, an Amazon reviewer