Awake: Book 3 of the Wild Love Ménage Series

One, two, Secrets accrue; Three, four, Shame galore;
Five, six, Add two men to the mix; Seven, eight, My life’s about to disintegrate…

Off-limits. Forbidden.
I shouldn't have slept with him.
Should never have fallen for him.
But I did—Secret #1

And I'm drawn to someone else.
He wants me too. This time, I do have an ounce of willpower.
An ounce.
But it’s waning, deteriorating quickly—Secret #2

Two secrets—secrets that are tearing me apart.
And Secret #3 is the hardest to keep.
I'm not the "good girl."
I'm not the "sweet one."
I hide behind a mask—a mask of lies.

But something within me is clawing the mask off.
Revealing the real me.
And my secrets.

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