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Series Information

I'm an eclectic reader. So it only made sense that I'd become an eclectic writer. Although most of my books are romance or have a romance element in them, they belong to many sub-genres. :) 

So what are you in the mood to read? Feeling like a little history in the form of time travel? Check out my Glimpse Time Travel Series

Feeling like a LOT of history, specifically from the American Revolution? Check out the Immortal American Series, written under the pen name L. B. Joramo. 

What about an odd mixture of fantasy (Norse mythology) with military men? Here's my With These Wings Series

Or, for me, I always like to read a contemporary novel. Here's my Wild Love Series for that. 

Lastly, feeling spicy? Like a little erotic with your read? Check out my Wild Love Ménage Series, which, yes, is set in the same places as my Wild Love Series. :) 

And I have a few contemporary novels/novellas that are stand-alone, but really great reads! Check them out HERE!

I hope you enjoy! And please feel free to contact me so we can chat. :) Oh! Also, feel free to sign up for my monthly newsletter, so you find out more about my writing. AND there's a free story once you sign up. Yay! 

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